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Dad Sends Sweaters

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    If Artificial Intelligence fouls up society, then how intelligent was it, really?

  2. I'm a teapot

    Hyper Text Coffee Pot Control Protocol

  3. Also on Mastodon (

    If you had told me in the 90's that leaving a social media network would cause emotional distress, I would have said, "What the hell is a social network?" But seriously, as much as I hated FB sometimes, I build up a network, a community over the years. Hopefully I can find a better, healthier community online here.

  4. Iliamna Fish

    Alaskan family-owned sustainable fishing cooperative

  5. How they're resisting displacement in Puerto Rico

    Bianca Graulau covers protests for PR residents being exploited and displaced

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  7. Indie Web

    Excellent website and the inspiration for this humble blog by yours truly